25mm Strap with Fidlock Quick Release Buckle (Pair)

25mm Strap with Fidlock Quick Release Buckle (Pair)

SKU: #21-236-FID

These straps are made from 25mm (1") wide polypropylene webbing with a Fidlock quick release buckle sewn on one end. The Fidlock quick release buckle is a combination magnetic-physical buckle design which separates into two when you squeeze the two sides. In addition, the non-sewn end functions like a ladderlock buckle which uses a highly angled bar to control the movement of the webbing. It is very easy to tighten the strap and once released, the webbing will be retained by the buckle. You then lift the buckle up to release the webbing. These come with an optional triglide retaining buckle which can be used to tidy up the free end and to ensure the webbing does not slip.

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