Child Scooter Carry and Pull Strap

Child Scooter Carry and Pull Strap

SKU: #21-105-ScC&P

* Use to tow scooter when child is tired

* Use to carry scooter if required

* Fits into a coat pocket when not in use

* Adjustable handle


This strap is designed to work with children's scooters. You can make a loop on one end using the sliding buckle and slip this over the handlebars and pull tight to form a tow rope to pull the scooter when your child is tired. A second loop can be made on the other end for your hand. Alternatively, the second loop can be slipped over the rear of the scooter and the scooter can be carried over your shoulder. The strap is compact enough to be slipped into a bag or pocket. Available in a range of colours. Note: scooter not included.

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