Walking Stick Clip

Walking Stick Clip

SKU: #21-141WSC

Key Features

* Fits walking sticks, canes, crutches. Supplied with two O rings for different diameters of sticks

* Even use with umbrellas with thick stems or handles

* Clips to flat surfaces to hold the stick securely in place

* Wedges underneath surfaces as well to secure your stick

* Clips to a wide variety of other places such as door handles

* Easily removed if required


Design of the Walking Stick Clip

The walking stick clip secures to your walking stick, cane or crutches to a variety of different surfaces. It is practical, robust, and has a range of attaching options. Different sizes of walking stick and canes can be secured with the walking stick clip. Its design is such that it can attach the stick to flat surfaces such as tables and kitchen counters plus also other places where the clip action is useful such as door handles- as you get your stuff ready, you can clip your stick to the front door.

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